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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Please join ONWA in raising awareness of diabetes within your own communities.

The entire month of November is dedicated to bringing awareness to the topic of Diabetes Prevention. World Diabetes Day was proclaimed by The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991 in response to the escalating health threat posed by diabetes and is celebrated annually on November 14th. Research has shown that diabetes is more prevalent in our indigenous communities as a result of colonization which has lead to unfortunate health inequities and altered cultural systems. Public Health Agency of Canada reports that diabetes is two to three percent greater for Indigenous people in Canada in comparison to the non indigenous population. 

We are seeing an increase of Type 2 diabetes diagnosed in our indigenous youth and children which was relatively unheard of a decade ago. Together our communities can work together to live a healthy active lifestyle.

There are many ways to become involved listed below. Please register by emailing cortolan@onwa.ca

Weekly Activity via zoom in each direction provincially

Week One North – Mental Health/Guidance

Vision Boards with Jessica Goodman and Tina Ortolan Friday November 6th 1pm. (participants need to collect old magazines, poster board, scissors and a glue stick)

Week Two East– Spiritual 

Yoga and mindfulness with Colleen Dolce Saturday November 14th at noon. 

Week Three South – Knowledge 

Basic Footcare Presentation with Tina Ortolan. Friday November 20th at 1 pm.

Week Four West– Physical Health/Responsibility

Zumba class with Andrea Sanhu. Friday November 27th time to be announced.

Each community member who signs up by emailing cortolan@onwa.ca and participates in the zoom activities will be sent out a gift bag after the presentation.

World Diabetes Day Crafting Activity

We will be offering a provincial wide crafting session over zoom on Friday November 13th at 1pm.  Please send all participants names and email addresses to cortolan@onwa.ca to be added to the zoom call.

  • Craft kits will be mailed out to each site and chapter (20 kits per site/chapter). 
  • These kits can be distributed to community members in your area wishing to take part in making a blue circle bracelet to show their support for diabetes awareness, participants will need a way to access zoom and have a valid email address. 
  • Please email a list of participants as well as their emails to cortoan@onwa.ca before 1pm November 12th this will allow enough time for a zoom link to be sent.

Social Media Blue Circle Campaign and Diabetes Storytelling


  • Share your diabetes experiences, stories, and tips to the ONWA Facebook page or email to cortolan@onwa.ca to be entered into random draws for some really cool prizes.