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Orange Shirt Day – September 30th

What Orange Shirt Day means to me:  This year, it means honouring those little spirits that have been waiting to tell their truth and the survivors who knew they were there and told the world.

~ Wendy Sturgeon

What does it mean to you? Send us a picture of you in your orange shirt with a sentence and we will post it here!

Wendy Sturgeon
Bette, Christa, & Libby with Coco Nutty Wearing orange is our way to acknowledge the suffering and abuse that was endured by those children and their families that we can not in this day fathom. We wear it to offer hope and assurance that their lives and culture really matter to everyone’s future and the healing of our country.
Richard Hutton


Richard and Sheryl Hutton, St. Catharines To us, Orange Shirt Day is a time to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous Community and acknowledge the injustices of the past and those that persist today. Most of all it is a time for us to listen with compassion and respect.

        Nadine Wallace      I believe this is a Day to reflect on and understand our past, ground ourselves in the present work of Decolonization, and to look for the opportunities in our future to ensure “Reconciliation” is an action verb.

Carol Nagy
To me, Orange Shirt Day means: Honouring Indigenous people, women and children, who have suffered and continue to suffer and continuing my learning journey for Truth, and Reconciliation Calls to Action.
Jim Borysko, Executive Director
It is Welland McMaster Family Health Team’s opportunity to educate and remember the tragedy of residential schools and our way to honour all of the Indigenous children that attended residential schools in Canada.

Father Patrick Gilmurray, St. Michael’s Church (Fort Erie)

Orange shirt day to me means perseverance, and an appreciation of courage and truth.

Heather, PenFinancial

Lauren, Welland McMaster Family Health Team
To me, Orange Shirt Day is about committing to continued listening, learning, remembering, and working towards healing a broken system.

Niagara Falls Community Health Centre Group (from left to right- Carolyn, Laura, Bronwyn, Daman, Alesha kneeling in front, Christine, Celeste, Lisa, Councillor Lori)

It means to never forget. Never forget our history. What the leaders of our country decided to do and the pain, devastation and trauma they caused. And how this is not remotely healed or fixed or made right. The road to real reconciliation will be very long… many generations.
As a non-indigenous person I can never push this aside. I can never forget.

Brian Kon, Wendy Sturgeon, Sandi Mansfield, Jim Diodati, Margaret, Sandra
Beginning the learning journey.

David Willick
I am wearing an orange shirt today to honour the experiences of Indigenous Peoples, celebrate their resilience and affirm a commitment that every child matters. Today as we mark the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, we are only beginning to understand the magnitude of the tragedy of the residential school system in Canada.

Sandi, Sandra, Margaret
There have been many terrible things done, this shirt represents an opportunity for education about truth of the past and hope for a different future.
City Hall Employees, Niagara Falls
  • Sarah: “Transparency, Knowledge, Accountability, Compassion, Reconciliation”
  • Tatjana: “What Orange Shirt Day means to me…….Recognizing and reflecting on previous actions made. Performing a check in on one’s personal knowledge of the history of residential schools. Learning more and committing to make a positive difference every day in our community.”
  • Kristine: “Orange Shirt Day allows me to reflect and educate myself and my children on the injustices that impacted the Indigenous communities and the children who were forced to endure the residential school system during a dark period of Canadian history.”
  • Karey: “A reminder that the most tragic parts of our history can turn into the most beautiful parts of our future, as we look ahead together, as friends, and caretakers of one another’s souls.”

Communications Director, IDHC
I am proud to be an ally to wisdom, love, respect, courage, honesty, humility and truth —the good way.

Louise & Nyla
It means remembering, reflecting & making positive change.



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