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THANK YOU to all of NCNW’s funders, sponsors, contributors, panelists, audience and team members working hard from behind the scenes who helped make the inaugural Blockers & Attackers fundraising event  successful! 

Enjoy these behind the scenes pictures of our talented Warrior Women!

MC: Amy Wilson-Hands
Guest Speaker: Jessica Ghosen
Keynote Speaker: Waneek Horn-Miller
Artist: Nicole Joy-Fraser
Amy Wilson-Hands: behind the scenes


Red Dress Campaign: we honour October 4th as Sisters in Spirit Day click here.

September 30 – Orange Shirt Day

Click here to learn more about Orange Shirt Day.


Niagara Chapter – Native Women Inc. ( is an autonomous provincial Chapter of the Ontario Native Women’s Association, which is affiliated with the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The NCNW encourages Native/Indigenous Women to become active participants in society while remembering and honouring our unique cultural and spiritual beliefs. Our organization is here to offer a friendly connecting place and to support Native/Indigenous women and their families through access to culturally relevant services and programs. Current initiatives include a strong interface with education, justice, health, and child welfare issues from infancy to beyond middle age. Our organization is built on the dedication of our members and volunteers. 

The Chapter receives no core or ongoing funding. We are fully owned and operated by Native/Indigenous women from our community. Niagara Chapter – Native Women Inc. is a fully registered not-for-profit charitable organization and became officially incorporated in 1983. We welcome your donations to help us continue providing programs and services for our people, and to assist in our growth through volunteerism to continue these much-needed provisions.

New members are always welcome! Click here for our membership form. To stay updated with our work, sign up to our newsletter here.

Helpful Online Resources

COVID-19 UPDATE: NCNW services continue remotely. Our phone line is being monitored as well our general email Please note that staff will get back to individuals when they can.

Thank you to all the Health Care professionals and volunteers working to keep the community safe at this time.

For more information regarding resources, assistance, and updates about the COVID-19 virus, please click here.


Update: July 17, 2020

Boozhoo and Greetings,

Congratulations to all of us. It’s been a long, and trying time for many however, for the most part, children, individuals and families have remained safe and sound, at home during the worst initial part of this pandemic. A great big thank you, Chi Miigwech, goes out to all the runners, helpers, community callers and supporters who have been and continue to be instrumental in keeping us all safe physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. A shout to our NCNW staff, board members and volunteers, who have more than risen to the challenges.

Memorial Page

Our hearts go out to those who also suffered loss during this time. All our loved ones will be sorely missed and lovingly remembered. We need to celebrate their lives, times and what they have shared while with us on Mother Earth. That’s why we are initiating a Memorial page on our website, specifically so you can share something you may want to about your loved one, if you wish to do so. You will be able to send your information to and we will have it posted on the page. This will be for expressions related to those whom have passed on since March 15, 2020. The only restriction is to kindly keep it to about 100 words and one or two photographs. We hope in some small way this will help ease some of the loss.

Return to Workplace – Early Phase 1

Ontario is not fully into Stage 3, particularly our Niagara Region. Our Board of Directors has approved an ‘organic, flexible’ return to workplace plan. By ‘organic’ and ‘flexible’ we mean that this plan can change quickly at any point in time. It is designed to be responsive in order to ensure everyone’s safety and health. So, on a phased in and staggering basis, some employees will be returning to the office location on limited days only. Each employee is screened daily upon entry and we have a designated individual responsible to ensure this is done. The office has been deep disinfected and each employee will be responsible to maintain their own work station daily disinfection now. A strict procedure is in place for use of any common areas such as washrooms. Each workstation has been distanced the appropriate area as required. Plexi Glass sneeze guards have been installed on the front desk and we have a couple more for portable use as needed. No one is sharing an office with anyone else. Each has their own phone for their use only. The office is not yet open for drop in visits. Please continue to connect with us through the usual means you hvae been using, and those of you enrolled in a program will still be able to receive your Home / Porch / virtual visits.

We are continuing to monitor this first phase of the plan and will not be moving any further for some time until we know how this is working. Thank you for your patience as we begin this ‘Return to Workplace’ plan.

Annual General Meeting

People are wondering about our AGM. A survey is coming soon so please participate and a decision will be forthcoming.

Until next time, stay cool and stay safe.

MiiGwetch ~ Wendy Sturgeon, Executive Director

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We are not a “core-funded” organization and do all of our own fundraising. We are a fully registered charity with Revenue Canada. If you wish to donate directly to us, 100% of your donation goes directly into our work and stays in Niagara! Alternatively, is an online donation service that retains 4% of all donations for administrative costs. 


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